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I will try loading this to one of the xchat clients I've got. I run normal XChat-2.8.8-3ubuntu12.1 and XChat-Gnome-1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu4.2 - I can also try running HexChat under WINE or native, I remember trying it last time and it didn't like the system or the script.

Will try it and report any issues/logs/events/etc.


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That helps a lot, thanks Russ cool

One would hope that the game doesn't run much passed Level 100 hmm but it happens, on occasion.


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lol, fix fix fix. One day hopefully the playbot and gamebot will be bugfree roll

Just add this to your mIRC REMOTE script editor (ALT+R) and then rightclick in the channel's you wish to set for /ame or /amsg exemption. By adding the channel, you will no longer send either of these to interrupt the game or relay.

alias amsg {
  var %x = 1
  while (%x <= $chan(0)) {
    if (!$istok(%filter,$chan(%x),32)) msg $chan(%x) $1-
    inc %x

alias ame {
  var %x = 1
  while (%x <= $chan(0)) {
    if (!$istok(%filter,$chan(%x),32)) describe $chan(%x) $1-
    inc %x

menu channel {
  Amsg/Ame Filter
  .Add $chan $+ :.set %filter $addtok(%filter,$chan,32) | echo -at * Channel $active added to Filter.
  .Rem $chan $+ :.set %filter $remtok(%filter,$chan,32) | echo -at * Channel $active removed from Filter.
  .Filter:echo -at * Filtering: %filter

Please do NOT use AWAY scripts in #multirpg - This causes your character penalties and is annoying to @'s and user's. If your away script is continually used, you may be forcibly removed.

Any issues, question(s) or suggestions, either post here in this thread or find me active on IRC (I reside on IRCSpeed, DALnet, Freenode, GameSurge).


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Awesome, thanks Russ smile

I might try and give this another go, but for now I've had to use TCL to replace my char.

If you're running the current game platform on your network, and run UnrealIRCd, then you'll want to add these to your IRCd and services.*

For the IRCd, we'll start by adding a classblock.
class::sendq - How much data in bytes the server can send to the client at a time.
class::recvq - How much data in bytes the client can send to the server at a time (flood control).

class           gamebot
    pingfreq 90;
    maxclients 10;
    sendq 100000;
    recvq 150000;

Next, an allowblock.

allow {
    ip               *@;
    hostname    *@bhs-01.gerdesas.com;
    class           gamebot;
    maxperip 10;

I've added just one block here, depending on what bot is connecting to your network. You could also include MingBeast in an additional allow block.

Next, you want add the throttle exempt. To do this, add the following

except throttle {
        mask *@;

Here, I've only added *.gerdesas.com. This can be edited to be specific to the bot you have connecting, for gamebot and MingBeast.

Now your bot will be able to avoid the normal queue and send text through the game channel hopefully much quicker.

For overkill, there is the os_flood module for Anope services.* - You can add this as extra, if you run Anope and want more options. This file has been added as an attachment and is available for download.
This allows opers to temporarily exempt users from fake lag (they can exceed queue limits). It is removed when the user quits.

Syntax: /operserv flood nickname

Any question(s), find me online or post here.

Yeah, unfortunately people are still downloading them and getting errors, so think either the script or game are to blame. I may think about releasing the update I have of the TCL, maybe someone else can update the mSL (as I'm not very good with that anymore).

I had an error with this script recently.

list element in braces followed by "!~casper_br@Swift-D2" instead of space
      while executing
 "lsearch -exact $data "char""
     (procedure "idlereap:dobet" line 7)
     invoked from within
 "idlereap:dobet [- 5 $idlereap(bets)]"
     (procedure "idlereap:msgm" line 173)
     invoked from within
 "idlereap:msgm $_msgm1 $_msgm2 $_msgm3 $_msgm4"

This problem was caused by incorrect use of list functions on string, it was OK until somebody used the nick {Casper} ie. incorporated list characters (braces) in the string *which was the error eggdrop threw up, the above error was the trace*.

Due to the error, and a few other issues, the current version of OUTsider's script that I use is now rewritten.
The following is an amended list of things done.

# rewrote idlereap:dofight for same reason
# uses same syntax with same webpage source

# many other code warnings and 'iffy' syntax NOT yet dealt with
# 1/ dubious use of args special case procedure argument
# 2/ overwriting procedure arguments
# 3/ lack of default case branch on switch statements
# 4/ use of list functions on strings (this may turn out to be a crucial issue)
# 5/ lack of curly braces on expr statement to prevent double substitution and/or performance degradation
# 6/ lack of return statements from procs
# 7/ unnecessary use of expr within if statements (nesting of expr within expression)

# other notes
# 1/ ::tcl::mathop namespace probably not absolutely necessary but would need some rewrite
# 2/ can't see how some procs could possibly work eg. idlereap:pubm:attackstats (assuming channel text is as per example given)
# 3/ adding public command for !bestbet - open for user trigger.

# rewrote idlereap:notc which was the only clearly defined syntax error
# special case args procedure argument was followed by another argument
# if args is used correctly then it must be the last argument
# seems to be evidence that the author was using args incorrectly throughout this script
lueshi wrote:

How is this related to idlerpg?

It's a rewrite of the original code-base created by jotun, for IdleRPG. This has totally removed the 'Idle' factor, meaning you have to actively play in order to advance. This is a very addictive game, so please play using caution and strategy, otherwise you may find yourself down the rabbit hole with a low itemsum tongue


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BlackDragon wrote:

so when will it be released to the public ?

heh, it would also have to be bug free. That may take a while... [lulz]

hrmm, have all these bugs/suggestions/ideas been updated/implemented into the new version/release? I would hate to download this script and then have to go through to fix certain bits :\