Topic: ChatIRCd/Charybdis/ElementalIRCd/ircd-seven GameBot Setup

If you run ChatIRCd or another Charybdis fork for the IRCd, you may find the following auth-block to be useful.  Fake-lag doesn't exist.  However, "Excess Flood" quits are possible unless connecting users match an auth {} block with the 'flood_exempt' flag.

auth {
        user = "*@";
        user = "*@2607:5300:60:87cc::60";
        user = "*@*";
        flags = dnsbl_exempt, exceed_limit, flood_exempt, spambot_exempt;
        class = "users";

Quick rundown of the flags and their meanings:

dnsbl_exempt - Matching clients aren't checked for the sake of DNSBL blacklist checking.  To be completely effective and you utilize BOPM or HOPM, you would have to exempt the IP there as well.
exceed_limit - If there are client class limits such as maximum number of connections per IP or CIDR, this setting permits matching clients to exceed these limits.
flood_exempt - Clients will not ever be disconnected due to "Excess Flood" if this is set, even if they attempt to show hundreds of lines in a few seconds.  To be effective, clients need to be voiced or higher in the respective channels.
spambot_exempt - Exempt matching clients from any spam bot checks.

IP addresses are current as of April 6th, 2016.  Always double-check before you set anything.  Remember to rehash after editing the configuration file.

Nothing services-side needs to be completed.

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Re: ChatIRCd/Charybdis/ElementalIRCd/ircd-seven GameBot Setup

Will add something like this to our InspIRCd

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