Topic: Supybot/Limnoria PlayBot

If you don't have Limnoria you can get it here
Limnoria install docs

This is a version of PlayBot which works with Supybot/Limnoria which requires Python 2 or 3 to use.
There are 2 versions of the PlayBot: Single is for a Single player and Multi is for up to 5 players.

Instructions - Supybot/Limnoria

Here are some instructions on how to get this working if do not know already.
For PlayBotMulti you need to load the Network plugin
Unpack the archive and copy it to your supybot plugins directory.
Then load the plugin using the load <PlayBotSingle or PlayBotMulti> command.
When it is loaded a message should come up "The operation succeeded"

Config changes:
When setting up the supybot make sure you have in channel triggers turned off.
supybot.reply.error.inPrivate: True
supybot.reply.inPrivate: True
supybot.reply.whenAddressedBy.nick: False
supybot.reply.whenNotCommand: False

To get the bot to play you need to use the command in the game channel <supybot> <playbotsingle or playbotmulti>  login name password
Obviously replacing the <supybot> with the name of your supybot, <playbotsingle or playbotmulti> with either playbotsingle or playbotmulti, name with your character's name and the password with your character's password.


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Re: Supybot/Limnoria PlayBot

PlayBot Commands List

Deposit/Withdraw Mode Off   - depositoff
Deposit/Withdraw Mode On    - depositon
Erase Config File                   - eraseconfig
Evil Mode Off                        - eviloff
Evil Mode On                        - evilon
Fix Timer Looper                   - fixlooper
Item Upgrader Mode Off        - itemupgraderoff
Item Upgrader Mode On        - itemupgraderon
Log In Char                          - login charname password
Log Out Char                        - logoutchar
Log Out Game                      - logoutgame                  (Single)
                                           - logoutgame charnum    (Multi)
Multiple Fight Mode               - singlefightoff
PlayBot Commands List         - help
Player's Items                      - items
Player's Status                     - status
Rawplayers Mode On             - rawplayerson
Rawstats Mode On                - rawstatson
Set Align Level                      - setalignlevel number
Set BetMoney                       - setbetmoney number
Set Engineer Buy Level          - setengineerbuy number
Set Hero Buy ItemScore        - setherobuy number
Set Item Buy Level                - setitembuy number
Settings List                          - settings
Single Fight Mode                  - singlefighton
Update Nick                          - updatenick                         (Single)
                                           - updatenick charnum           (Multi)
Upgrade All Mode Off             - upgradealloff
Upgrade All Mode On             - upgradeallon
Version Checker                    - versioncheck

To issue commands
/msg <supybot> <playbotsingle or playbotmulti> <command>

If you want more information about a command use
/msg <supybot> help <playbotsingle or playbotmulti> <command>
ie /msg russbot help playbotsingle settings

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